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Rinat Akhmetov Foundation
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  • 9 APRIL 2020
  • 9 APRIL 2020
  • 8 APRIL 2020
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Project "Digital Future of Journalism"
Project A street dog in Donetsk

Projects with Mass Media

"Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" is always open to cooperation, is transparent and is ready to provide interesting and useful information. We are sincerely glad that active social media and journalists are among our partners, they not only highlight the urgent problems the Foundation tries to overcome, but together with us they look for a way out of the most difficult stories. Thus whole projects are born, aimed at both informing and exchange of ideas (Social Journalism Club), and at actualization of the whole layer of problems in the social sphere, the decision of individual cases and the development of algorithms for system changes (social talk shows on TV). We are grateful to those who share our principles and values, and are ready to expand our circle of like-minded people!

Social Journalism Club

The Social Journalism Club of Rinat Akhmetovs Foundation Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is an opportunity for journalists writing about socially important subjects to talk informally to the leading national and intentional experts and learn the entire context of the problem and the newest information and theories. Being focused on such important issues as health care, education, culture, assistance in emergencies and targeted help to the people in need the areas important for the whole society we realize what a huge role the media can play by highlighting certain problems in due time and with good knowledge of the subject.

The format of a press conference or a round table, however, is not always convenient for journalists as it covers only one or several aspects within a tight timeline and does not always allow dipping into the problem.

The Social Journalism Club helps media representatives to address experts directly, suggest topics for discussion, the format of the event and the experts, whose opinion would be valuable. Meetings are held regularly in the Donetsk and Kiev. Stay tuned!

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Schuster LIFE. Adrenaline

"Shuster LIFE. Adrenaline" is a program highlighting pressing social problems, which appeared owing to material and intellectual investments of the Foundation. The main purpose of the program is to move from words to action and start making positive changes in society. At the heart of the talk show are the most pressing problems to be addressed, and public debate on the reforms carried out in the state. Proceeding from the real-life stories, representatives of the legislative and executive branches of government are involved, as well as local authorities, who are ready to offer a solution to the problem. During the first season of the project many issues such as residential institutions system , health care, children's rights, vaccines, and unemployment have already been brought up, as well as many others.

Website of the Project "Shuster LIFE. Adrenaline"

Faith. Hope. Love

Faith. Hope. Love. is the project of the First National Channel, which investigates the acute problem situations which families with children face. In particular, issues related to health, health care, finance, education, and life in a dysfunctional environment are addressed and resolved. The program follows the fate of the heroes to subsequently re-invite them into the studio and show that, even in critical situations, there is always a way out. This includes a chance to receive help from the Foundation. What's more - they find this help right in the studio.

Website of the Project Faith. Hope. Love.


UNIAN-Health is a joint project with the Ukrainian Independent News Agency. Its purpose is to create and maintain a constant source of news about health and medicine, to unite seeking self-education and self-organization doctors, to make careful attitude to health popular with the population. It includes informational thematic web-page on the website of UNIAN news agency, as well as an electronic version, which is distributed online for free. Sections of the resource include news of the world, of national and regional medicine, statistics, studies, thematic headings, useful information, links, tips, announcements of events. All materials are updated in real time. It is released weekly. Number of users of the resource exceeds the average of 10,000 people per day.

Website of the Project UNIAN-Health

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