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28.03.2013 | Днепропетровск

Social Support Centre for children and families to be established in Dnepropetrovsk region in 2013

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In 2013, the Dnepropetrovsk regional children’s house "Semya" will be redeveloped into Social Support Centre for children and families. This is one of the first centres of such type in Ukraine. This institution will provide advice and assistance to young mothers who are in a difficult life situation, work with the crisis families who are on the verge of separation will be organized.

Social Support Centre for children and families to be established in Dnepropetrovsk region in 2013

The Social Support Centre for children and families will be created in the framework of the "Good at Home" and "Family for the Child" projects implemented respectively by the representative of a charitable organization "Hope and Homes for Children" in Ukraine and Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine jointly with the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

As noted by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Nataliya Korolevskaya: "The model for development of family-based education of Dnepropetrovsk region is considered as the base for the whole of Ukraine. We expect that Dnepropetrovsk region will show the real way for moving from a Soviet orphanage system to formats where all children are raised in families only."

Currently the Dnepropetrovsk district children’s house "Semya" homes 17 orphans and children who have lost parental care. The others have already been arranged into family forms of education. So this year the premises of the children's home there will turn into Social Support Centre for children and families. Those children who by that time are not arranged into family-based education will be provided a house for accommodation as close to a family home and a homely atmosphere as possible.

“In the new social initiative “Children are the future of Ukraine” our President Viktor Yanukovych has identified new forms of work aimed at protecting the children’s rights. Dnepropetrovsk is at the forefront of these processes. The new Social Support Centre for children and families will be a platform for the introduction of new formats and new techniques for working with families who are in difficult life circumstances. The task for professionals who will work at the centre is to keep parents for children. In future we plan to extend the experience of such centres throughout the territory," - Dmitry Kolesnikov said.

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children's Rights Yuri Pavlenko emphasized: "The President supports the establishment of such centres, for which purpose there are corresponding Decrees, which means their establishment throughout Ukraine, as well as the transition to a funding model “Money Follow a Child”.

"Social support centres are very important for child orphanhood prevention. It is the first centre in Dnepropetrovsk region set up in cooperation with the regional authorities and the organization "Hope and Homes for Children". And the Foundation invests UAH 1 million 300 thousand into creation of the institution. Each year, about 8,000 children "lose" their parents because of deprivation of parental rights. The purpose of this centre is quite simple - to provide quality and accessible social services to keep vulnerable families together. If you want to help your child - help the family", - the director of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Development of Ukraine Anatoliy Zabolotnyi said.

In particular, we plan to introduce such services as care and protection of children from most vulnerable families, which aim to preserve families, create safe and child-friendly environment, prevent separation of children from their families. In addition, those families who face difficult life circumstances will receive a necessary support. With this purpose, social work specialists will be trained. In addition, Dnepropetrovsk region public officers, including all city, town and rural district councils, will be trained on creation of family-based type of education. Such centre of social support for children and families will be the second in Ukraine. Currently, only Kiev region has such centre operated.


Dnepropetrovsk district children’s home "Semya" was founded in 2002. It can house only 50 children. Now the institution takes care of 17 students - 6 orphans, 11 children deprived of parental care.

These children attend Yuvileynaya Secondary School No. 1 and Yuvileynaya Primary School No. 2. The children are regulars in urban sports competitions, themed children's art contests, children's drawings and the like. Each year the children from the children’s home participate in the International Children's Festival for orphans and children deprived of parental care, "Towards a Dream" and "Mother + I". Children are trained by the professional mini-football coach, the team is the winner of the regional and district competitions. The orphans travel and go hiking across Dnepropetrovsk region on a regular basis, twice a year they visit historical places of Ukraine, go to rest camps and health resorts in Ukraine and abroad.

Since its establishment, the institution has provided social, psychological, educational, medical, legal help to 175 children.

During 2011-2012, 21 children are arranged in family-based forms of care (5 - adoptions, 4 - were fostered, 1 – is in a family-type children’s home, 11 – are arranged under guardianship).

Source: Press and Information Department of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration.



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