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17.06.2014 | Киев

The 7th season of the «Digital Future of Journalism» is over. 25 journalists received certificates

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Today, on the 16th of June 2014, the seventh season of the educational project "Digital Future of Journalism” has been completed. It is a joint project of the Mohyla School of Journalism and Rinat Akhmetov's Charitable Foundation for Development of Ukraine. DFJ-7 course leavers received certificates on completion of the course.

The 7th season of the «Digital Future of Journalism» is over. 25 journalists received certificates

The course leavers are 25 journalists were chosen on a competitive basis last year and they represent various Ukrainian media: Gromadske Telebachennya (Public TV), Channel 5, TVi, Telekritika (TV criticism), Ukrainskaya Pravda (Ukrainian Truth), Delo.ua, web- site Zhitomir.info, etc. During the seven years of project existence altogether 175 journalists from all over Ukraine have received training of digital technologies in journalism.

Anatoly Zabolotny, Director of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine says, "When seven years ago Rinat Akhmetov's Charitable Foundation started this project, we had the task to help the Ukrainian journalism to become more qualitative, mostly through a way of delivering information to the user as well to help journalists to become great professionals, to make them more self-confident. We have experienced more than one economic crisis in Ukraine with this project and we are pleased to observe that even in the most difficult times our course leavers feel confident in the profession they have chosen. I am sure that you will also be like them - confident, competent, persistent professionals, which means these 8 months were not for nothing. "

Training lasted from November 2013 till June 2014 and consisted of eight weekly modules. Within the course foreign teachers- practitioners taught Ukrainian journalists the specific of new media and multimedia content, information graphics and data visualization, features of work with audio and video, business models of new media, etc. The last module was traditionally travelling - journalists visited the best editorial offices of New York and Washington.

According to Alexander Vlasenko, Head of educational projects of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine, the foreign module indicated some rather interesting trends that are observed in the global journalism. "Those big editions that have a history and a lot of achievements made, like Washington Post or National Public Radio, do not feel confident in the age of multmedia journalism. People from NPR honestly admit that their 20 million Internet users are a kind of burden; they must work with them, but cannot fully understand which way. The army of 90 million listeners of radio stations across the United States is clearer and closer to them. At the same time, NPR is actively engaged in crowdfunding in order to earn. Washington Post has been an unprofitable edition for 4 years already. Eighteen months ago, after Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon.com, bought the edition, main bets were placed on developing Internet segment. But the edition still cannot earn money on it. Consequently they reduce costs, dismiss staff ", Alexandr Vlasenko said.

He also placed emphasis on the trends that are observed at the media market of Ukraine. "Those, who first went to the Internet segment, feel great. For example McClatchy, or relatively new products at the media market, Mashable or BuzzFeed. They are doing well, they actively use content created by their users, make plans and look to the future with optimism. Though they do not have such long history. "

We remind that the project is being implemented in partnership with Mohyla School of Journalism of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which is responsible for the proper organization of the educational process, searching for the best coaches for teaching a particular training module, the organization of the educational tour during which students attend the editorial offices of top world media. On the basis of the Mohyla School of Journalism the educational process has been organized, and now, when Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine is actively working with universities, NUKMA shares its experience of teaching multimedia journalism.

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