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02.11.2012 | Lviv

Lviv natural science museum received 10 million UAH for its development from Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation

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Last night, November 1, during a ceremony it was announced that the State program of development of natural science museum of National Academy of Sciences in Lviv will be supported by a grant of 10 million UAH provided by Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine". Project application "Natural science museum: from the evolution of life to the practice of the Living Museum" was unanimously supported by all members of the advisory council (AC) of the "Dynamic Museum" project of the Foundation "Development of Ukraine". The members of the AC are: President of the International Council of Museums ICOM (ICOM, Berlin) Hans-Martin Hinz, vice-president of the Ukrainian National Committee of ICOM Zinovy Mazuryk, President of the European Museum Forum Mikhail Gnedovsky (Moscow), the director of Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections named after A.V. Bleschunov Svetlana Ostapova, board chairman of the NGO "Ukrainian Center for Museum Development" Vladislav Pioro.

Lviv natural science museum received 10 million UAH for its development from Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation

Announcing the winner, Svetlana Ostapova emphasized that the advisory council had decided to support the museum project, "before which is a huge challenge. Accepting this challenge, and having done it with honor, the museum will be a real model for the museum community of the country. Moreover, if the museum is be able to respond to the challenge well, that would be an important example for museums across Central and Eastern Europe. It is about an exposition of the educational and communications work in the first place. "

Initially, the project "Dynamic Museum" included provision of three grants: the principal, amounting to 10 million UAH, and two additional in the amount of 250 thousand UAH. During the meeting, AC decided to combine the two into a single grant in the amount of 500 thousand UAH and give it to the project "Actual museum: a strategy of dynamic development." This project was proposed by the National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Gonchar Museum" (Kyiv).

Mikhail Gnedovsky, President of the European Museum Forum (Moscow): "We have decided to support the museum which convinced us that it is able to become a true educational leader for the entire museum community of the country and a very useful educational center for everybody. This museum has developed a detailed program of workshops, seminars and experimental exhibitions for other museums on its own base. Understanding that such an educational project can bring maximum benefit to the entire museum community of the country, we decided to combine two small grants into one. "

The main museum-recipient within three years will work with a designated expert-facilitator, whose task will be ongoing counseling and provision of professional support (professional contacts, experience, etc.) to the team of the museum.

Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta, manager of the project "Dynamic Museum" of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine", "Foundation as a private institution for the first time has created a positive precedent by initiating this project precisely in museum community. With this project, we would like to see new ideas and to see how the museum plans to develop over the coming years. Thus, the Foundation made ​​it possible to museums not only think about simple tasks such as repairs, but also dream a little of what should be the future of the museum and how the museum should meet the needs of the society in which it exists. Indeed, daring and true dynamic proposals of being ready to change were submitted to the project, but I want to draw your attention that the additional funds for development - is, in fact, extra work, and a lot of work for the winners of the project. "

Remember that the short-list of the project www.museums.org.ua «Dynamic Museum" includes five of the 25 museums that have filed their application:

  • State natural science museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv. Project "Natural science museum: from the theory of evolution of life to the practice of the Living Museum."
  • Dnepropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after D.Yavornytsky. Project  "Museum for everybody: an interactive social culture-oriented project for a wide audience."
  • Donetsk Local History Regional Museum . Project "Children's museum center for children with different physical and social potential."
  • Museum of books and printing (Kyiv). Project "The past and the present in the space of the Museum of books and printing of Ukraine."
  • National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Gonchar Museum" (Kyiv). Project "Actual Museum: a strategy of dynamic development."
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