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10.06.2014 | Киев

Ani Lorak attended the first halfway house in Kiev

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Today, on the 3rd of June 2014, a Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, People's Artist of Ukraine, attended the first halfway house in Kiev within the project "No to Orphancy!" This is an informal name for the center for temporary staying mothers with infants. Earlier the singer supported the charitable initiatives for supporting the development of family upbringing many times and she became the voice of the project "No to Orphancy!" of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine after she performed the song "Dreaming" and made its musical video.

Ani Lorak attended the first halfway house in Kiev

Ani Lorak came to the halfway house to talk with young mothers and find some special words for the other young women who are in difficult life circumstances, found themselves living on the streets and have intentions to leave their children.

Natalia Tsvetkova, manager of the halfway house, let the guests and journalists see how mothers with children live and told about the services are available for them there. She said, «The halfway house is meant for joint residence of six mothers with children. Currently five mothers and six children live here: two newborn boys, three girls (3 months, 9 months and 4 years old) and a boy of three and a half years old. These women had nowhere to go after the birth of their children; they were left without any support of family, without work. If women are in such situation and without any help, it greatly increases the risk of their abandonment of children or deprivation of parental rights in the future. "

Speaking about the reasons why Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine supported the creation of the first halfway house in Kiev, Anatoly Zabolotny, Director of the Foundation emphasized: "Ukraine is facing the acute problem of social orphancy. More than one hundred thousand children having parents are brought up in public institutions. That is why, together with the placement of orphaned children to the families through the portal www.sirotstvy.net ,one of the focuses of the foundation work is preventing social orphancy, in other words, work on family preservation. In the halfway house pregnant women and mothers with infants may stay since the third trimester of pregnancy and until a child is eighteen months old. During this period of time social workers, psychologists, lawyers prepare them for future independent life. Here young women are rendered the following kinds of assistance: executing documents, getting social benefits for a child, reuniting with their families. They are taught to care of themselves and their children, to do the housekeeping and they get psychological and medical assistance. After the year of work of this project in Kiev, the lives of 15 children have been saved and 9 families have been preserved. Total number of such centers working with the support of the Foundation is 2, in Kiev and Donetsk. Additionally we are planning to open 2 centers in Dnepropetrovsk by the end of this year. "

Meeting with young mothers and their children came out warm and touching. The singer was treated to tea with pastries and Ani got handcrafted items made special for her as souvenirs. During tea party the singer shared her secrets of motherhood, talked about her creative plans, gave some advice to the young women how to care of oneself and a child.

Ani Lorak, a singer, People's Artist of Ukraine, the voice of the project "No to Orphancy!" said, "I am very pleased to meet such wonderful mothers. And I would like to emphasize, it is very important that you have found the power to fight and have not left your kids, and they have not joined the ranks of those kids who are presented on the portal "No to Orphancy!"  (www.sirotstvy.net). Children are the most important thing. And please, believe me, no matter how difficult the situation is, never leave your child, because there is always a way out of any situation. For example, such halfway houses. If, God forbid, you find yourself under the circumstances that you even think about leaving your newborn child in a maternity hospital, because you have problems with parents or your beloved left you, please always remember that there is another way: there are centers where you will get a temporary shelter, psychological assistance and any kinds of support. The main thing is that your child will stay with you! "

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