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30.05.2014 | Киев

Popular TV presenters and actors of Ukraine will share the secrets of family happiness

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On the first of June, International Children's Day, Ukraine TV channel will start broadcasting the interprogram clips aimed to mainstream family values, to emphasize the importance of family for each child. The joint project of the TV channel and Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine within the project "No to Orphancy!"  has been supported by a film and theater actress Rimma Zyubina with her son Danya, a TV presenter and actress Tala Kalatay with her daughter Masha, TV presenter Marina Kuhar with her daughter Anna and a journalist and TV presenter Oleg Panyuta with her daughter Anyuta.

Popular TV presenters and actors of Ukraine will share the secrets of family happiness

In the course of shooting we talked to the central figures of the project and got known what their families and children mean for them.

Rimma Zyubina says, «Upbringing a child is not advertisement pictures, where family members are sitting in a field of dandelions, or the beautiful people are skiing. It takes 25 hours, not even 24 hours per day! Even at the moment you do not communicate with your child, you always think: Where is he? And what happened to him? With whom he is? Was it true when he told me where he was going? The only thing that seems important to me, I do not know whether my child will confirm it, is that from his birth I have been trying to be a friend for my son. "

First of all, the actress wished mothers to be happy. "Each of us puts something personal in this word. To be happy for one woman means a lot of children, for another the ability to combine work, career and children. There are those who are happy only staying at home or, for example, having success. And I would also like to wish for all mothers to forget the saying “Little children are little troubles, big children are big troubles”. You should use the quite opposite one “Little children are little joy, big children are big joy!"

Oleg Panyuta, a journalist and TV presenter: "I think no matter how busy you are; anyway you should put the first your family, relations with your loved ones. Communicating with your child you learn to take the world in a new fashion, you are looking at what is going around in a new light. Children make us look at this world in a new way - in another way. And for that we, adults, should be endlessly thankful to them.

Family means a hard working. But it is worth it. If everything in your family is good, you go to work like a breeze. You are completely all right, you have fine emotions and you know for what you do all this. You do not feel like you are obliged to go to work in order to make some money, you work with pleasure for someone. To live for your loved ones is one of the main missions of family life. You live for your family and get pleasure from it. "

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