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01.04.2014 |

During One week of Mobile Photofluorography Units Operation in Kiev, 903 People were Examined and 11 TB Cases Detected

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Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation “Development of Ukraine” summarized the event on free-of-charge, anonymous and safe examination at “fluoromobiles”, which is annually held in partnership with other public organizations and institutions in commemoration of World Tuberculosis Day. This year, within the “Stop TB in Ukraine” program, during the course of a week, residents of Kiev and guests of our capital had an opportunity to get examined at two “fluoromobiles”. Such examinations enable the detection of lung diseases at an early stage, including TB, as well as other chest pathologies.

During One week of Mobile Photofluorography Units Operation in Kiev, 903 People were Examined and 11 TB Cases Detected

In the 5 days of work, from March 24 to March 28, 903 persons were examined and the following were detected:

  • 11 TB cases
  • 6 cases of rudimentary changes in the lungs after the persons’ being previously ill with TB
  • 38 pneumonia cases
  • 51 cases of chronic lungs diseases, 7 of them – acute bronchitis
  • 9 cases of oncologic diseases
  • 1 sarcoidosis case
  • 1 case of cardiac diseases

“It is already the fifth year in a row that we hold such an event. TB may be disguised as plenty of other diseases – cold, bronchitis, the flu – and the person won’t immediately consult a doctor. With this event we would like to draw people’s attention to the TB issue and appeal to them not to self-medicate themselves but once they detect TB symptoms – coughing for more than 2-3 weeks, excessive sweating in the night, groundless loss of weight, temperature 37-37.5 – they must immediately consult a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will direct for examinations – fluorography, sputum test. Today, owing to the modern equipment supplied by Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation to all regions, one may be diagnosed with TB in 2 days but not in 2 months as it was before. This enables us to make a precise diagnosis, determine responsiveness of the Koch’s bacillus to the main anti-TB preparations and prescribe the right treatment plan from the very beginning, which is the foundation for a successful recovery”, says Mariya Makovetskaya, Chief of the Department for Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization of the “Stop TB in Ukraine” program of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation.



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