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24.03.2014 | Донецк

Tuberculosis Mortality Rate in Donetsk Region Decreased by 44.8%

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Over the 7 years of implementing the Program on fighting the TB epidemic in Donetsk region, we have managed to reduce the morbidity by 28.3%, and the mortality – by 44.8%. Morbidity rates in the region are still rather high but, at the same time, positive dynamics are observed. Further reduction of morbidity and mortality is prevented by the spreading of drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV infection.

Tuberculosis Mortality Rate in Donetsk Region Decreased by 44.8%

Work on fighting TB engaged the following parties: the State (procurement and supply of anti-TB preparations to the region), Donetsk Regional State Administration (financing the work of anti-TB institutions), city and district administrations (measures aimed at detection and social support of TB patients), Doctors without Borders International Organization (works in the penitentiary sector). Most of the Program directions are supported by Rinat Akhmetov’s Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine”. Among other things, the Foundation works on introducing the latest technologies of TB detection and diagnostics and ensures their availability for Donetsk region residents.

Thus, during 2013 GeneXpert diagnostics systems were procured for four basic TB dispensaries of the region (Shakhtyorsk, Gorlovka, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk). These machines enable to detect the tubercle bacillus in the organism within a few hours, and also to determine the resistance level of the causative agent to the anti-TB preparations.

“GeneXpert diagnostic system within 2 hours enables to determine whether there is the Koch’s bacillus in a patient’s sputum and whether it is responsive to one of the first-line preparations, comments Vladislav Denisenko, program manager of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation. Why is it important? Earlier, one needed 2 months on average to determine the responsiveness to anti-TB preparations. During this period, around 20% of patients accepted non-efficient treatment. Some patients died. Today we can say that patients receive the right treatment from the very beginning. Last year 1317 patients were tested. 309 cases of drug-resistant TB were detected. These patients immediately received the right treatment, thus they gained more chances to recover”.

Introduction of the system saved nearly 3 million UAH of budget funds. As a result, TB patients in Donetsk region can undergo testing with this equipment absolutely free-of-charge. Materials for this system have been purchased by the Foundation for the past 2 years.  

In 2013, a telephthisiology network was created on the basis of 4 anti-TB dispensaries in Donetsk region, which enables to conduct online consultations with specialists of the regional hospital as well as to prescribe and adjust the treatment schemes of drug-resistant TB patients.

As a result, the time before the beginning of treatment for patients with drug-resistant TB has been reduced from 2 weeks to 3 days. Since October 2013, up to 1,000 online consultations have been held.

As a reminder, in 2015, within the framework of the regional program on fighting TB, Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation plans on building and equipping with the most modern equipment a microbiological laboratory on the basis of the regional clinical TB hospital.

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