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11.03.2014 |

In Ukraine, a Video Clip Was Made in Support of Family Values and Adoption

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From this day on, viewers of musical TV channels and internet users will be able to see a video clip to the song “Snitsya Son” by popular singer Ani Lorak. At the end of last year, this song became the “anthem” of the No to Orphancy Program of Rinat Akhmetov’s Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine”. The program is aimed at popularizing family values, the importance of family preservation as well as adoption of children from foster homes and orphanages. Now, owing to the All-Ukrainian National Adoption Portal www.sirotstvy.net, 6,580 children from the websites database have found their new parents and are raised in Ukrainian families.

In Ukraine, a Video Clip Was Made in Support of Family Values and Adoption

Ani Lorak became the “voice” of the No to Orphancy Program, since the singer knows from her own experience what it is like to live in an orphanage and miss parental warmth and the absence of a sense of family for children living without a mother or father. Ani supported the program and the portal in order to draw attention to orphan issues and the importance of having both parents in the life of every child.

- Today we would like to share a story clip to this song directed by Katya Tsaryk. The fact that Igor Krutoy and Igor Nikolayev appear on this moving video is not just a mere coincidence. The issue of importance of parental love united the composer and the poet-songwriter. Though the plot is based on an orphan kid, the song itself impels every viewer to “absorb” its main point – every child must live in a family, says the singer’s team.

Rinat Akhmetov’s Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine” hopes that this moving clip will motivate families not only to give warmth to those children who need it but also to spend more time with their own kids.


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