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05.02.2014 |

Mariupol City Council approved the program on overcoming orphanhood and development of family forms of upbringing

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On February 4 deputies of Mariupol City Council approved the “Good Family” program developed in cooperation with Rinat Akhmetov Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine”, which has the experience of solving the orphanhood issue at the national level.

Mariupol City Council approved the program on overcoming orphanhood and development of family forms of upbringing

“Good Family” program represents a plan of actions on developing social services and providing assistance to families in difficult life circumstances as well as searching new families for children deprived of parental care and orphans.

Director of Mariupol City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth of Mariupol City Council Ulyana Tokareva noted that the Program had been developed together with Rinat Akhmetov Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine” with consideration of proposals from the standing deputy committee in the matters of youth policy, family, culture and sports, deputies, women’s councils, public organizations and charitable funds participating in organization of family policy in the city.

Ulyana Tokareva named the following major directions of the Program:

  • Running events on popularization of family values;
  • Developing social services for families in crisis situations, where there is a risk of family breakup;
  • Establishing day departments for children with special needs under rehabilitation centres for disabled children;
  • Developing the system of psychological support in situations of domestic violence, family and other conflicts;
  • Supporting families who raise the disabled children;
  • Further support of development of family forms of upbringing orphans and children deprived of parental care;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of efficiency of the Program activities. 

The program was approved at the session of City Council with the absolute majority of votes, term of its implementation is 2014-2016. The “Good Family” program is expected to yield a number of socially significant results, among which:

  • 30% reduction of relapses among children and families in difficult life circumstances, who are provided with social services, after their receiving of targeted assistance;
  • 10% reduction of deprivation of parental rights;
  • 10% increase of returning children from orphanages to their biological families;
  • Developing family forms of upbringing by means of establishing 3 Family-type orphanages;
  • Establishing Child Guidance and Family Counseling Centre;
  • Establishing Centre for Families and Children Support.

It should be reminded that in December of 2013 the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Foundation and Mariupol City Council. At that time, Director of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation “Development of Ukraine” Anatoliy Zabolotnyi expressed his gratitude to Mariupol City Council for their readiness to quality changes in the matters of overcoming the orphanhood issue in the city and told about the major directions of the Foundation activities within the “No to orphancy!” program: 

- Principle, under which the Foundation forms its cooperation, is quite clear: the main requirement we impose to our partners is their will and readiness to change the orphanhood situation. In Mariupol we can see this will, and as far as the core services are concerned, their readiness to implement new progressive attitudes is evident.

Mariupol Mayor Yuriy Khotlubei, in his turn, said that Mariupol supported the initiatives of Rinat Akhmetov Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine” and was ready for cooperation in all direction

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