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04.11.2013 |

Rinat Akhmetov builds a shelter for stray dogs in Donetsk

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On 4 November Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine opened one of the best dog shelters in Ukraine and CIS as part of its “Street dog” project. The construction budget amounted to over 9.3 million hryvnias.

Rinat Akhmetov builds a shelter for stray dogs in Donetsk

Every day about ten domestic animals are thrown away or got lost and wind up on the streets of Donetsk. These animals cannot adapt to the life in the streets, they often cause traffic accidents or attack people because of the stress. According to Donetsk Region Health Inspection Service, in 85% of cases people are attacked by domestic animals. Furthermore, these dogs add to the population of homeless animals.

Taking into account that the problem of homeless animals in the city causes a lot of concern, the founder of the Foundation for Development of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov allocated funds for the construction of the shelter for 1000 animals that was opened in the end of November 2013. Donetsk charity foundation “Piff” was used as a basis for a shelter that has all the necessary facilities: fully equipped cages (with heating, drains and a possibility to take the dogs outside) and a range for walking with special exercise equipment.

The shelter also has a clinic and operating rooms for the animals complete with all the required equipment and medical supplies. Furthermore, the foundation sponsored additional training of the clinic vets abroad.

Opening an up-to date shelter is one of the first steps to solving the problem of stray animals in a humane manner. Except administering medical aid to animals the shelter also neuters and vaccinates animals against rabies according to the municipal CSV (Catching. Sterilization. Vaccination.) programme that controls the number of dogs in the streets. Donetsk City Administration supported the initiative of Rinat Akhmetov’s foundation and allocated 1.43 hectares of land for the shelter.

Donetsk charity foundation “Piff” was officially registered on 22 July 2005, but its founders have been helping animals since 1998. The non-profit organization accepted help from volunteers and animal protection organizations, but never had enough funds, materials and qualified specialists.

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