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31.10.2013 | Киев

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ended in Kyiv

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During October female residents and guests of Kyiv could pass an examination in a Mobile Women’s Health Clinic, a joint project of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Development of Ukraine and National Cancer Institute. Over this month, 567 women used the services of the mobile clinic fitted into a 18-meter trailer. Out of them, 18 patients have been diagnosed with the cancer of reproductive organs, 34 had precancerous diseases of the body of uterus and vesical cervix, 50 had assumptions of benign tumors. 339 patients have been diagnosed with mastopathy of varying severity.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ended in Kyiv

Viktoriya Mykolayuk, who is the head of the “Cancer Can Be Cured” program of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Development of Ukraine, says that breast cancer is the most dangerous women’s disease, and mammography is the main type of diagnostics that can detect this disease in its early stage. “If cancer is detected at stages 1 or 2, the chances for full recovery and normal life are 90-100%. And it is very important to ensure that  as many women have access to this method of diagnostics as possible. That is why Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation initiated this project so that more women have the opportunity to be diagnosed. Currently the mobile clinic is in the town of Ivankovo, Kyiv Region, where it will operate till November 15,” said Viktoriya. 

Sergey Molid, a breast physician at the National Cancer Institute, who is the head of the mobile clinic, said: “More than half of all new cases of breast cancer in Ukraine are detected at later stages. That is why doctors and society are focused on this disease. October 20 was the Day Against Breast Cancer in Ukraine. The National Cancer Institute and Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Development of Ukraine have decided to hold a Breast Cancer Awareness Month confined to this date. In October, two shifts of doctors from the National Cancer Institute had been examining women for 20 days. I should say that the campaign raised a lot of interest: there were much more women that wanted to pass the examination than we could service. I also urge all women to regularly have self-examinations, visit a breast physician and gynecologist at least once a year, and pass mammography and breast ultrasonography". 

The Mobile Women’s Health Clinic is fitted into a 18-meter trailer, equipped in line with European standards, and can receive 5,000 women a year for the comprehensive examination of reproductive system.  The mobile clinic consists of two specialized medical rooms: one for gynecological examination, equipped with an ultrasound scanner, a colposcope, and equipment for cytologic sampling, and the other for mammography, which is an X-Ray breast examination. That allows women to have a complete picture of their health after the examinations.


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