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30.10.2013 | Донецк

More than 1,300 patients with active form of tuberculosis in Donetsk oblast benefited from special vehicles

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In the period from March 2012 to October 2013 over 1,300 patients with active form of tuberculosis were taken to TB establishments of Donetsk oblast in special cars obtained by Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine".

More than 1,300 patients with active form of tuberculosis in Donetsk oblast benefited from special vehicles

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is transmitted mainly by respiratory way from an infected person to a healthy one. People get infected with tuberculosis by inhaling the air saturated with a causative agent — Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

According to statistics, a patient having an active form of TB can infect during the year 12 to 15 people, and many of them freely use a public transport, so it is vitally important to minimize the contact of patients with healthy people. Acquisition of special vehicles is a necessary measure not only for the patients, but also for all the citizens.

Ambulances have been purchased by the Fund in the framework of program "Stop tuberculosis in Donetsk oblast". During a year and a half 1,397 patients with an active form of tuberculosis were taken from their residence to one of the six TB clinics of the oblast: Donetsk — 375 people, Mariupol — 133 people, Gorlovka — 216 people, Shakhtyorsk — 186 people, Kramatorsk — 191 people, Makeevka — 296 people.

In order to reduce the risk of infecting a driver and medical staff, the cabin of a special vehicle is separated by partitions making the patients and employees stay apart.

According to the chief doctor of Municipal Medioprophilactic Institution "Regional Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital" Vladimir Mozgovoy, the medical transport takes a patient to TB facilities immediately after detecting an active form of tuberculosis. After identifying Koch's bacillus in sputum analysis, a tuberculotherapist issues direction for hospitalization and calls a special vehicle to transport the patient to prevent the spread of further infection among other people. There is also one more positive effect that has been marked. Many TB patients referred to socially deprived segment of population sometimes do not have the money to get to the hospital. For this reason, delayed hospitalization occurred. Now this problem is solved.

Head of the "Stop tuberculosis in Ukraine" program Denis Denisenko notes that there are very few examples in other regions of Ukraine when patients with active TB were transported to TB facilities for further treatment. “This is already a well-operated system of treatment in Donetsk oblast. Special vehicles were purchased by the Foundation in the framework of implementing a common pilot program together with Donetsk Oblast State Administration in order to combat tuberculosis. Vehicles maintenance and work of drivers is paid for from the oblast budget", — stated the Head of the program.

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