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08.10.2013 |

Since the beginning of year 1575 children have found new families thanks to the adoption portal No to Orphancy

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Since the beginning of this year 1575 children’s accounts were removed from the Ukrainian adoption portal www.sirotstvy.net run by the “No to Orphancy” programme of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine. These children are now living with their new parents.

Since the beginning of year 1575 children have found new families thanks to the adoption portal No to Orphancy

Most children – 747 in total – were adopted. Another 363 children are brought up under custody of Ukrainian citizens. 289 kids went to foster homes and another 176 – to family-type children’s homes.

Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine and its programme “No to Orphancy” are happy to congratulate all new parents. Owing to them the children feel needed and happy, are optimistic about the future, battle illnesses, develop their talents and eventually learn how to build their own families. We are now witnessing a change in the people’s perception of adoption and children brought up in children’s homes. More adoption applicants are now willing to become parents to children over ten years old or to special needs children. More applicants are also willing to adopt the child’s siblings as well, especially younger ones.

Over the last three months the portal www.sirotstvy.net has received files from the children services and published over 650 new accounts. About 300 accounts have updated pictures.

All the figures reflect lives of children waiting for loving parents. It is difficult for a kid in a children’s home to learn how to make friends, communicate, express their own opinions and be a part of a family. Families are the perfect environment for children to get to know themselves and the world around them.

We thank all the visitors of www.sirotstvy.net portal who share their experiences of adoption on the portal’s forum. It is important for us to know how the families live after they are joined by children, what questions or requests they may have. Since January the team of “No to Orphancy” program answered over 3500,000 calls from people willing to adopt.

Please call the Ukrainian adoption hotline at 0 800 50 14 14. All calls are free. You can also address your questions to sirotstvy_net@ukr.net

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