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08.07.2013 | Львов

10 000 patients have had quality diagnosis for 3 years of computer tomography operation in Lviv Cancer Centre

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24-slice CT scanner specialized for oncology was installed in Lviv Cancer Centre three years ago. This is the first device transferred to the region by Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine within the framework of the program "Cancer can be cured".

10 000 patients have had quality diagnosis for 3 years of computer tomography operation in Lviv Cancer Centre

The Foundation did not leave it at buying the tomograph. For research accessibility, the Foundation regularly transfers to Lviv Cancer Centre contrast media, injector syringes, X-ray films and other materials, that are essential to obtain and save high-quality images. Additionally, according to the contract with the supplier, the device is under the warranty maintenance for three years.

A professional team of specialists works on the device: two doctors and two x-ray lab technicians led by the head of CT room Yuriy Milyan. Diagnostic tests are carried out, further radiation therapy is planned. Pictures taken on the CT scan become a part of the research papers and presentations of Lviv Cancer Centre physicians. On the average, 13-15 patients have examination and planning of future radiation therapy on the CT scanner monthly, this is nearly 10,000 patients over three years.

We shall remind that, in 2013, Lviv Cancer Centre put into operation the contact radiation therapy (brachytherapy) unit, equipment for which was also purchased at the expense of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine. This is a brachytherapy device with a set of applicators, specialized table, portable X-ray machine in the form of a C-arm, furniture etc.

This July and August, the program "Cancer can be cured" will put into operation three computer tomographs in Western Ukraine, namely, in Ternopol, Chernovtsy and Volyn Regions.

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