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Our Small Motherland project feedback

Ekaterina Viktorovna Vilchevskaya

Our cooperation with the Rinat Akhmetovs Charity Foundation for Rinat Akhmetov Foundation started a few years ago. At the time in our department there was a child in a very severe state that required regular costly treatment. The doctors of the department struggled for his life every day and his parents prayed for his health every minute and sought help. Little Artems family addressed the Foundation of Rinat Leonidovich with a request to help with the costly treatment of their only son. Literally the very next day the Foundations employee has called back to the department That is how our acquaintance has started upon which the Foundation has been helping us to save childrens lives for over three years.

The Foundation has also donated the artificial lung ventilation apparatus. This equipment has saved lives of many children, and the availability of the separator allows to always have the thrombocyte concentrate in the department which is vital for patients suffering from deep thrombocytopenia due to high-dose chemotherapy. In 2012 apart from providing certain individual support to families with sick children requiring costly treatment, the Foundation started regularly, once per quarter, purchasing medications which were never supplied to the department through budgetary funds and national programs. It is a significant assistance as patients have access to necessary equipment and drugs.

The Foundation of Rinat Leonidovich has also been assisting patients in special cases, i.e. those who need bone marrow transplantation abroad. It is very important as once we speak of such surgeries, there is a chance for a child to fully recover, but the cost of the treatment constitutes up to USD 150 000 and, unfortunately, the treatment of such children is not always supported by the state.

Each year the Foundations employees visit the department on St. Nicholas Day, the New Year, the Childrens Day and cheer the children with gifts and small but very interesting events

It is a short list of those kinds of things that the Rinat Akhmetovs Charity Foundation for Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has been assisting the department with. We are very glad to cooperate because all issues are getting discussion, prompt solutions and fast and accurate implementation. It is easy and pleasant to work with the Foundation, as timely help is so crucial for the ill. Therefore the Charity Foundation for Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is a reliable partner and a true friend.

Emil Yakovlevich Fistal

Our acquaintance with the Foundation happened five years ago, when we had to provide urgent treatment for severely burned miners who got injured during the accident at one of the mines in Donetsk region. Ever since our friendship has continued for years and we hope that it shall last further. Besides regular promptly assistance in treating badly burned patients who get admitted to our department due to home accidents, major accidents, etc., the Foundation also helps to:

  • arrange transportation for severely ill patients to Donetsk Burn Center from other regions of Ukraine;
  • purchase necessary medical equipment for the patients of the burn center;
  • support international cooperation of Donetsk combustiologists with their European, American, etc. colleagues.

Many families of our departments patients, especially those who require costly treatment or surgeries, address the Foundation for help. This help is always timely and invaluable for those in need.

We always know if the Foundation for Rinat Akhmetov Foundation joins up to assist in a complex and sometimes a no-way-out situation, we have a vigorous support in our further actions. We are truly grateful for being lent a shoulder whenever we need it.

Igor Yurievich Mokrik

Rinat Leonidovich Akhmetov Foundation regularly assists our department in purchasing necessary pharmaceutical drugs and consumables. Thanks to the Foundations support it became possible to bring the departments work to a qualitatively new level. The purchase of the artificial blood-circulation apparatus worth UAH 1 600 000 that enabled to arrange a separate cardiac surgical operating room for children became a very valuable gift for the department.

Besides all force majeure circumstances, when it comes to saving a childs life and when ones family is not able to pay for the treatment, always get prompt consideration. We always know we just need to ask the Foundation for help and our request will be processed immediately to support a family.

Only thanks to the support of Rinat Leonidovich our department has a chance to implement the techniques for the correction of congenital heart defects by endovascular method. It allows a child to avoid an abdominal operation and limit the surgical treatment to a minimal trauma. It is also essential that a patient can be dismissed from the hospital as early as on the third day following the surgery.

We are truly thankful to the Rinat Akhmetovs Charity Foundation for their continuous assistance, support and participation in saving childrens lives.

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