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«Rinat Akhmetov Foundation»
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Targeted social projects

Football Tournaments Seni Cap

Since 2007, on a permanent basis, "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" has annually provided technical support to the Seni Cup football matches among people with disabilities.

Along with system programs and projects of the Fund it is important for us to support such great social initiatives. These events contribute to the adaptation and socialization of people with special needs. Participation in the football tournaments Seni Cup is very important for young people. Boarding pupils can show themselves, their capabilities and be a meaningful part of the society.

Select a year
2012 year

In 2012, 16 teams from different regions of Ukraine took part in the VII International football tournament for young people with special needs Seni Cup. Competition was traditionally held on May 16-17 at the sports center "Svyatoshino" (Kiev). The winners - the best quarterback, the best striker and best goalkeeper - were awarded with special prizes (inscribed T-shirts).

From 3 to 5 July 2012 our children - winners nationwide Seni Cup 2012, teams from Belotserkovsky and Monastyrskyi boarding schools took part in the final of the 12th International football league for people with disabilities Seni Cup 2012. Competitions were held in Torun (Poland). In the final tournament 31 teams from 9 countries participated. Our teams took the honorary third and fourth places.

The winners of the tournament from Belopolsky boarding school (Sumy region) and Stepovskyi boarding school (Mykolaiv region) were given a tour of the stadium "Donbass Arena" (Donetsk) on October 5. Children took part in a press conference with Razvan Ratsom - first-string player of FC "Shakhtar"

2011 year
The winners of Ukrainian football games 2011 - Strizhavsky orphanage (Vinnitsa region) and Shevchenko orphanage (Kharkiv region) - were able to represent our country at the European football tournament in the Polish city of Torun. They returned to Ukraine with a victory having taken first places! As a prize, Rinat Akhmetov’s "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" organized a tour for the children to "Donbass Arena". On September 19, 2011 the children visited the world-class stadium. The tour was given by one of the main players of the FC "Shakhtar" quarterback Sergei Krivtsov. The boys were able to experience the atmosphere of the stadium, visit the media zone, the players’ zone (locker room and coaching room), enter the field under the fanfare through the players’ tunnel, sit on the coach's seat and the dugout, and visit the Museum of History of FC "Shakhtar". The boys took part in a press conference with the player: there were questions and answers, and then everyone could take a picture, get an autograph from Sergey Krivtsov and ask for professional advice how to improve their skills step by step and aim for the victory in every football match.
2010 year

The Charitable Foundation with FC "Shakhtar" provided for manufacturing of sport kits for the football teams of pupils of psychoneurological boarding schools of Ukraine.

2009 year

From 4 to 5 June 2009 the VI International tournament of the football league for young people with disabilities (pupils of psychoneurological boarding schools) Seni Cup 2009 was held at the sports center ""Svyatoshino". The tournament was held by all the rules of FIFA, stimulated the physical development of children living in psychoneurological boarding schools, and was an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in sports.

12 teams from psychoneurological boarding schools from all over Ukraine participated in the tournament. Half-hour mini-matches were evaluated by professional judges of the Football Federation of Kyiv. 15 games were played, the teams scored 43 goals. The winner of the competition was the team of Miner's boarding school from Donetsk region. Second place went to the team of Belgorod-Dniester boarding school from Odessa region. Third place went to the team of Pochaev psychoneurological boarding school from Ternopil region. Each of the winning team was presented with diplomas, medals, trophies from the organizers of the tournament, and soccer balls from FC "Shakhtar".

All the players who won in their nomination - the best quarterback, the best striker and best goalkeeper - were awarded with special prizes (inscribed T-shirts).

All the players who won in their nomination – «Лучший игрок», «Лучший нападающий» и «Лучший вратарь», –were awarded with individual T-shirts of players of FC "Shakhtar".

Winners Ukrainian tournament met with teams from the CIS and Eastern Europe and took part in the European final in Poland (Torun).

2008 year

Traditionally, the Foundation supported the soccer tournament for people with disabilities, which was held at the sports center "Svyatoshino" on May 28-30, 2008.

2007 year

In 2007, the Fund tried to find new ways to support children with disabilities. In June 2007, at the initiative of "Seni" company in Kiev, at the National Olympic Stadium, a football tournament was held for them. The competition was attended by 16 teams from different regions of Ukraine. Winners of the 2007 of Shevchenkivskyi boarding school played in the final of the international tournament in Poland and took second place.

Master classes and visits of the stars to the pediatric departments

On an ongoing basis, in anticipation of the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Children's Day, etc.) with the support of the Foundation master classes are held (painting of Easter eggs, making of motanka dolls, origami, party masks, products made of straw, etc.), as well as meetings with celebrities for the patients of children’s departments of the following institutions:

  • National Cancer Institute, Kyiv city;
  • Donetsk Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery named after V.K. Gusak
  • (Department of Hematology, Department of Traumatology);
  • Kyiv Heart Center;
  • National Children's Specialized Hospital «OKHMATDET»
  • (ophthalmological and traumatology departments);
  • Kyiv center of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery;
  • Children's department of congenital abnormalities of the heart (Institute named after N.Amosov) etc.
«The Tree of Life »

In February 2012, in partnership of the National Cancer Institute, the Foundation for helping children with cancer "Crab" and the support of "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" the presentation of the project Charity meeting "The Tree of Life" was held. The project focuses on solving the problem of joint replacement of patients of the children's department of the National Cancer Institute (Kyiv). Endoprosthesis is an alternative to amputation for children with bone cancer. In 2012, eight children received assistance for a total of 612 607 UAH.

Under the project the National Cancer Institute (Kyiv) received a "miracle case" - a unique set of surgical instruments for performing complex operations on children who suffer from cancer of bones and joints. Surgery carried out with these instruments is an alternative to amputation. The foundation provides support and assistance to the patients of the department of pediatric oncology on regular basis.

The amount of assistance constituted 1 015 287.56 UAH.

Cooperation with the publishing house "Kommersant"

Since 2010, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Foundation for Children Publishing House "Kommersant" (UFOND), "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" supports the sick children in conducting operations and treatment in Ukraine and abroad (Russia).

In 2012, 8 children received assistance in the amount of 501 890.17 UAH.

In 2011, 13 children received assistance in the amount of 853 753.95 UAH.

In 2010, 5 children received assistance in the amount of 771 630.85 UAH.

Link to the "Kommersant" website

Veterans Care

Since 2009, the Foundation supported the veterans of the Donetsk Regional Hospital for War Veterans (the town of Maryinka, Donetsk region). On the eve of the Victory Day celebratory concerts and festive tables were prepared for the veterans. In addition, a major overhaul of the roof of the hospital buildings was made, and the necessary equipment for its dining room was purchased.

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