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About the project Assistance in extraordinary situations

No one is impervious to sudden tragedy. Yet at such moments it is important to support a person, to give him or her confidence in the future and to recover to social life.

Through this program we helped people who suffered from the effects of natural and manmade disasters; we help families who lost their near and dear due to explosions.

More than 8,000 people received help from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Rinat Akhmetov Foundation in the amount of 33.6 million UAH.

In hour of need we were there for those people whose homes were raided by terrible news about the loss of their near and dear ones.

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Who we have helped
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2011 year
Help to Bazhanov mine

15 people suffered (11 of them died) as a result of the mining disaster which happened on July 29, 2011 at the mine of the lease enterprise "V.M. Bazhanov Mine Management" of State Enterprise "Makiivvuhillia" (Donetsk region). Assistance was rendered to 15 families affected by the accident. The amount of moneyed assistance was 1.5 million UAH. In recognition of this help 9 families sent their letters of appreciation addressed to the founder of the Foundation.

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Luhansk hospital blast

Luhansk Multifield City Hospital No. 7 blasted on January 18, 2011 at 8:50 am. The explosion was on the fourth floor as oxygen tanks exploded in a cardiac ward. 261 patient and 350 medical employees were at the hospital as of the time of the explosion. The blast caused at least two floors to collapse. The Foundation promptly assisted 16 bereaved families and the victims, including minors. In addition, a modern medical equipment for a cardiac ward and resuscitation and intensive care unit was bought by the Foundation. The amount of aid was 1.9 million UAH.

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2010 year
Western Ukraine flood

On June 28-29, 2010, persistent heavy rain caused damages in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions.

On the night of 8 to 9 December 2010 unfavourable weather caused floods that damaged Transcarpathian region.

The Foundation purchased and handled 3,000 water-purifying devices (water filters) to the residents of the West Region who suffered from natural disaster. The amount of assistance was 284 thousand UAH.

2009 year
Novodzerzhynska Mine

9 people suffered (6 of them died) as a result of the explosion on May 4, 2009 at the mine of the State OJSC "Novodzerzhynska Mine" (Donetsk region). The Foundation assisted the bereaved families and the victims of the accident (13 charity recipients). The amount of assistance was 488 thousand UAH.

2008 year
Duvannaya Mine

6 people were killed in the result of an explosion at the mine JV "Mine" Duvannya " of "JSC "Krasnodonugol" (Lugansk region) In October 2008. The Foundation supported families of the victims, provided assistance to 12 beneficiaries. The amount of assistance amounted to 600 thousand UAH.

Mine named after K. Marks

Sudden outburst of coal and gas, and the subsequent explosion of methane in the hole number 2 occurred on June 8, 2008 at about 5 a.m. in Yenakiyevo, at JV "Mine named after Karl Marx of the SE "Ordzhonikidzeugol . Force of the explosion was so strong that the shock wave and the flame burst from the hole number 2. In the area of the accident there were 42 miners and in the result of the accident 37 of them were trapped at the depth of 1000 meters. The Foundation supported four people who were treated at the burn center of Donetsk, 13 families of the deceased, 25 injured and 21 rescuers who have shown heroism in the rescue efforts. 145 people received assistance. The amount of assistance amounted to 2.04 million UAH.

Krasnolimanskaya Mine

14 miners were taken by the outburst of coal which occurred on May 3, 2008 at the horizon of 845 meters in the mine SE "MC"Krasnolimanskaya" (Donetsk region). Assistance to families of those killed and injured in the accident (40 beneficiaries)was provided. The amount of assistance amounted to 1.33 million UAH.

Hurricane in Lviv

June 23, 2008 Lviv and the four regions of Western Ukraine were hit by a hurricane with strong showers and hail. We did not leave unattended the children whose parents died in the disaster. Three families in which children became orphans received our certificates. The amount of assistance amounted to 150 thousand UAH.

Flooding in western Ukraine

Together with the residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2008, we overcame the consequences of floods, in which many people were completely cut off from the outside world. Assistance was provided in the amount of 3.2 million UAH.

Diary of the headquarters of the Charitable Foundation
Rinat Akhmetov Foundation in Western Ukraine
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2007 year
Explosion in Dnipropetrovsk apartment block in

We supported our compatriots, residents of Dnipropetrovsk, who suffered as a result of the household gas explosion. On October 13, 2007 at 10:45 am a massive explosion happened in one of 10-storey apartment blocks at 127 Mandrykovska Street in Dnipropetrovsk. The 3rd entrance has fully collapsed, the 2nd and the 4th entrances were destroyed partially. 23 people died (including 13 children), 400 people left homeless. The Foundation voted 10 million UAH for the sufferers to provide them with essentials.

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Explosion at Zasiadko mine, Donetsk

188 miners suffered leaving 100 of them dead as a result of the accident that occurred on November 18, 2007 at the mine of the lease enterprise "A.F. Zasiadko Mine" (Donetsk). The Foundation supported both the bereaved families and the victims, as well as the rescue workers who assisted in the rescue of the miners trapped in the cave-in. 386 people received moneyed assistance in the amount of 10.5 million UAH.

2006 year
Sukhodolska Skhidna Mine

State OJSC "Sukhodolska Skhidna Mine" of OJSC "Krasnodonvuhillia" (Luhansk region) is one of the most dangerous mines due to the increased risk of sudden coal and gas bursts. In the mine explosion which happened on August 13, 2006 8 persons were killed and 5 injured. The Foundation supported the bereaved families and victims of the accident. 36 people received moneyed assistance. The amount of assistance was 1.35 million UAH. Contacts

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