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«Rinat Akhmetov Foundation»
Горячая линия:
0800 509 001 Пн-Пт, с 9.00 до 18.00
Targeted assistance
  • 1 MAY 2018
  • 18 JUNE 2017
  • 25 JULY 2014
  • 8 APRIL 2014
  • 23 MARCH 2014
  • 13 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 4 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 23 OCTOBER 2013
  • 21 OCTOBER 2013
  • 9 OCTOBER 2013
  • 23 SEPTEMBER 2013
  • 1 SEPTEMBER 2013
  • 10 JULY 2013
  • 26 JUNE 2013
  • 18 JUNE 2013
  • 27 MAY 2013
  • 24 MAY 2013
  • 21 MAY 2013
  • 30 APRIL 2013
  • 17 APRIL 2013
  • 16 APRIL 2013
  • 11 APRIL 2013
  • 9 APRIL 2013
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[I3] Grant Program

Direction "Targeted Assistance"

In life, there are times when we need help, when we run out of our own funds and money borrowed from friends, and when we do not know what other effort to make to find a qualified professional, to cure, to get cured, and sometimes - to survive.

"Help here and now" that is how we can characterize our direction "Targeted Assistance" in short, which focuses on a particular person, his or her problem and fate. This is where, perhaps, the activity of many private charity providers begins.

This is exactly the way how the founder of the Foundation started his private charitable activity: from the letters for help, which came to Rinat Akhmetov. Every year there were more such letters, and the requests became more major - people asked for help in treatment or in emergencies and tragic situations. There are two reasons for that: deterioration of health of Ukrainians, especially children, and social vulnerability.

We tried to eliminate the causes and not the consequence of social problems, so eventually our Foundation expanded its project activities, focusing on system addressing the epidemic of tuberculosis, outdated diagnosis and treatment of cancer and the search for families for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Nevertheless the Foundation hasn’t stopped helping people “here and now”.

We cannot help everybody, but we do our best to help where we can give a person a chance to get back to normal life.

Implemented projects
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Hot line:
0 800 509 001
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