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Project to support the museums «Dynamic Museum»

«Stop TB in Ukraine» Program

Official emblem of the Project

«Stop TB in Ukraine» Program was created in order to overcome the TB epidemic in Ukraine.

The following are the tasks of the program:

  • improve the diagnosis of tuberculosis by optimizing the network of laboratories in the public and penitentiary institutions
  • improve access to high-quality diagnosis and treatment for all people
  • increase the capacity of the health system in Ukraine for TB control through improved management (leadership, monitoring and evaluation, human resource development), which is necessary for successful implementation of TB control programs;
  • raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, helping to mobilize political support against self-treatment, reduction of stigma and discrimination against TB patients or those who are ill and treated successfully

Purpose: reducing the TB epidemic in Ukraine by improving access to quality services for early diagnosis and treatment of TB.

Program budget for the 1st phase (2011-2012) constituted 237 million UAH ($ 29,659,314)

News by tag. “Stop TB in Ukraine”

“Stop TB in Ukraine” Program site

Вестник по вопросам туберкулеза в Украине Read
Results of the Program
по состоянию на 01.11.2012

In order to improve the material and technical conditions of laboratories, to improve quality and reduce the time of TB diagnosis, 25 items of laboratory equipment and supplies for a total of USD 52.7 million were purchased.
Among them are:

  • 6 analyzers Bactec for more than UAH 10 million, the application of which can improve quality and significantly reduce the time of TB diagnosis from three months to two weeks;
  • 12 GeneXpert devices amounting to more than 8 million UAH, which can reduce the time of TB diagnosis to two hours and to identify resistance to Rifampicin - one of the drugs, which is necessarily included in the treatment regimen of tuberculosis.

These are good tools for doctors to greatly reduce the time of diagnosis and, therefore, quickly assign the correct treatment regimen and to save more lives as a result.

Now the Foundation is purchasing two sets of equipment for the line probe assays (Hain) for molecular-genetic diagnosis of tuberculosis amounting to 1.4 million UAH. The equipment will be delivered to Ukraine for the first time and will allow carrying out identification of mycobacteria of tuberculosis complex and determining the range of drug sensitivity to almost all antimycobacterial drugs of first and second line within one day.

This will accurately determine the type of resistance and appoint the correct treatment regimen for each case.


As of today treatment of 500 patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis has been started and all the necessary drugs have been bought. In the first half of 2013, purchase of an additional buffer of medicines for patients has been planned (estimated for 960 patients), who will begin treatment in phase 2 in 2013.


More than 2 000 specialists have received training on the following topics: “Monitoring and evaluation, laboratory diagnostics and external quality control”, “Case management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and methods of infection control”, “Education on disease prevention of tuberculosis and HIV” etc.

Monitoring and evaluation system

Under the Program in cooperation with partner organization MSH National Electronic Register of tuberculosis patients is being introduced, the order of Ministry of Health on the implementation of the e-TB register has been signed and all necessary certificates have been received. Until the end of the first quarter of 2013 it is planned to finish the purchase of computers for the e-register in the region.

Also measures to strengthen monitoring and supervision, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis patients, support of monitoring visits for the purpose of supervision and technical assistance in the field are introduced, including the monitoring of treatment of TB patients with multidrug resistance.

Information campaign
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According to the results of the study, "Determining the level of knowledge, attitudes, practices and behavior for tuberculosis among the general public and specific groups of Ukraine" (September 2011 - March 2012) a national media campaign and information materials for the general population and risk groups have been developed.

As part of the information campaign, a web portal www.stoptb.in.ua has been created and Ukrainian hotline for tuberculosis 0800503080 has expanded its work.

Useful information on the project
"Ukrainian hotline for tuberculosis"
0800503080 (calls from fixed phones free)
List of TB dispensaries in all regions of Ukraine www.stoptb.in.ua/ru/dispancers
Information resource on health and health care www.likar.info
World Health Organization www.who.int
Donetsk Oblast Tuberculosis Clinical Hospital www.iatp.donetsk.ua/sites/tb
USAID in Ukraine www.usaid.kiev.ua
Official website of the organization "Program for Appropriate Technology in Health Care" www.path.org
A resource for journalists and anyone interested in the latest information on HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. www.globalhealthreporting.org
European Resources for Health
(in Russian monthly issues content available)
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria www.theglobalfund.org/ru
Partners of the project
Ministry of Health of Ukraine www.moz.gov.ua
Institute of TB and Pulmonology of AMS of Ukraine www.ifp.kiev.ua
State Service of Ukraine on combating HIV-infection/AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases www.dssz.gov.ua
Ukrainian Charitable Organization "All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH" www.network.org.ua
ICF “International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine” www.aidsalliance.org.ua
Ukrainian control center of socially dangerous diseases of MoH Ukraine
Ukrainian Red Cross Society www.redcross.org.ua
ACF "Coalition of HIV-service organizations" www.hiv.org.ua
Office of the International Organizations PATH in Ukraine www.path.org
[1] ] The study "Determining the level of knowledge, attitudes, practices and behavior on TB among the general public and specific groups of Ukraine" was conducted in September 2011 - March 2012. 5,004 respondents aged 18 + in were interviewed in 81 cities, 26 towns and 99 villages of Ukraine.
Information line of the program
«Stop TB in Ukraine»:
0 800 509 001
Other contact information
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