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Rinat Akhmetov Foundation
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Governance structure
Work principles
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[I3] Grant Program

Project Selection and Launch

The success of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation Foundation depends largely on the chosen programmes and projects. Programme selection is a key process performed together with Supervisory Board of the Foundation, its management and outside experts. The selection procedure is governed by the internal regulations of the Foundation and designed to ensure the highest standards of transparency and efficiency.

A list of potential activity fields and problems is compiled by the Board members and Foundations employees. The process is preceded by a preliminary analysis of the most important social issues and recommendations of the Foundations Advisory Board.

The projects must meet the following criteria
Compliance with the mission and objectives of the Foundation.

The project should be aimed at social development that leads to tangible and measurable improvements in the community, and ensure these changes are permanent (including the institutional change).

Assistance and the obvious benefits of it to the recipient.
Being in line with the Foundations strategy.

The project should agree with ongoing and completed projects of the Foundation to ensure the continued focus of the Foundations activity.

Being unique.

The project should not duplicate any programme of other foundations and organization or support ineffective governmental projects.

Being simple to implement and contain a realizable action plan.
Partner Selection Criteria
  • Positive reputation and public acceptance.
  • National and international recognition.
  • Experience in realization of similar projects.
  • Partners aims must be in line with the Foundations mission.
  • Proven relevant skills.

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