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«Rinat Akhmetov Foundation»
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About the project "Social Orphanhood: Technologies for Prevention"

Social orphanhood is one of the most distressing phenomena of modern life, as the child, whose parents are alive, becomes an orphan.

Prevention is one of the most promising and important activities in efforts to address social orphanhood as it is easier to prevent than to fight it.

Priority task in prevention of social orphanhood is the importance of supporting and enhancing the status of social and family health. After all, a happy family is not the one that has no problems, but the one that finds the strength to deal with them.

With the launch of the project "Technology prevention of child abandonment" in four regions of Ukraine (the regions are being selected) the Charitable "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" plans to take the following measures:

  • teach social workers (whose appearance was promoted by the fund) new methods of work with a family at different stages of life circumstances, to prevent removal of the child from the family - reducing the amount of deprivation of parental rights, reducing the number of children entering institutions without deprivation of parental rights, or at the request of parents, etc.
  • improve the quality of social services provided by social workers for children and families who are in difficult life circumstances (DLC);
  • to offer tested technologies of social services for children and families in DLC;
  • to open a facility (Mother and Child Centre in Kiev)for prevention of orphanhood
  • in partnership with the British organization "Lumos" to conduct a study in the Dnipropetrovsk region, one of the tasks of the study is to evaluate the quality of social services, the understanding of "weaknesses" in their work and ways to strengthen them. As a result of this study to get a clear understanding of the problems of the region, about the problems that may arise in the implementation of the strategy "Moving from the system of residential institutions to a range of local services focused on the individual needs of children and their families."

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