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«Rinat Akhmetov Foundation»
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Modern Education
  • 3 JUNE 2019
  • 30 MAY 2019
  • 14 MAY 2019
  • 17 JUNE 2014
  • 6 JUNE 2014
  • 25 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 13 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 11 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 1 NOVEMBER 2013
  • 24 OCTOBER 2013
  • 17 OCTOBER 2013
  • 28 SEPTEMBER 2013
  • 18 SEPTEMBER 2013
  • 24 JULY 2013
  • 14 JUNE 2013
  • 10 JUNE 2013
  • 24 MAY 2013
  • 15 MAY 2013
  • 17 APRIL 2013
  • 9 OCTOBER 2012
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About the direction "Modern Education"

Education has always been of great value throughout the entire period of human development, it is impossible to imagine the progress of our civilization without it, and not only technical progress, but also the entire system of values. Improvement of the knowledge and understanding of the Universe has always been apace with the development of philosophy, approval of basic ethical principles of community, development and the formulation of what we call human values. In contrast, in the darkest periods of human history one or another form of obscurantism was praised, after which followed the depreciation of the spiritual and material achievements of mankind.

The XXI century is already called the century of knowledge-based economy, and therefore education becomes of even greater importance. We cannot predict our future: will the technological progress get to the point where the basic sciences will not require many years of life? Will online education become the main way of learning, creating the global market of knowledge? But our duty is to be prepared for any such changes, search, find, support and inspire those who are willing to follow the main trend of our time - to learn throughout their lives.

Therefore, the Foundation has focused on supporting projects in the field of digital journalism. It is difficult to find a sphere of human existence where changes occur so rapidly and at the same affect every one of us. It is impossible to image our life without information and the ways of accessing it change imperceptibly. Projects of the "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation" regard both the establishment of quality higher education in journalism ("Digital Media at the University"), and post-graduate education ("Digital Future of Journalism" and "Doctoral Program in Mass Communications"), integrating the world's best examples of mass communications into Ukrainian society.

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