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The "Historical Truth" website reports that during the lecture "Challenges and opportunities. Museums in a global world", held in Kiev, the president of the International Council of Museums, Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz said that support of cultural institutions is the duty of the state, but at the same time non-governmental organizations must also devote their attention to cultural development.
Dynamic culture
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«Dynamic culture» direction

Culture is something that concerns each life. In broad terms, this is the way of life of a society, in the narrow sense, it is the most significant aspect of it - art. It is here, in the arts, we develop new ideas and preserve the experience of generations. Here we make experiments and come up with new ways of organizing society, here we reflect and teach, impart the knowledge and experience incredible things.

We understand that culture requires constant attention and support, otherwise it cannot develop. We understand that it is impossible to imagine the future without reference to the past (or, as it was said of the outstanding humanist in the time of Renaissance, "dwarfs on the shoulders of giants", implying that the brilliant contemporaries base on the achievements of prominent artists and thinkers of the ancient past.) But we also understand that basing on the past does not mean uncritical copying of the old patterns but rather, with equal virtuosity of our predecessors, we should create modern age.

Current Projects
Dynamic Museum

Experts often agree that the main task for Ukrainian Museums today is to start thinking contemporarily, rejecting arguments like "it has always been this way," starting from the archaic language, outdated exhibits, working methods, including how we work with our visitors. This will help museums to compete with the entertainment industry and social networks, and stay on the cultural map of Ukraine. Archive of culture should be accessible and interesting to potential visitors, because it is the core and the engine of the existence of the community. Thanks to three grants (one of up to 10 million UAH, two - up to 250 thousand UAH each) we’ll have the opportunity to modernize one of Ukrainian museums.

The museum -recipient will be able to develop its own resources in accordance with international museum standards, and implement projects that will have an experimental character or will be based on the experience of Ukrainian and foreign museums.

Website of the “Dynamic Museum” Program

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