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“A street dog” — help for homeless animals

Official emblem of the Project

Project "A street dog" was initiated by Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" together with the Donetsk city administration, Donetsk City Charity Fund "Piff" and zooprotective organizations.

Social aim of the project: to introduce humane methods of regulating the number of homeless animals in the city of Donetsk.

In 2011-2013 the Foundation "Development of Ukraine" on the basis of a shelter for homeless animals "Piff" created conditions for the proper maintenance of more than 1,500 stray dogs and a veterinary service in line with European standards, also the Program CSV (Catching. Sterilization. Vaccination. Chipping. Clipping. Release of an animal into its habitat) in cooperation with a shelter "Piff" and municipal enterprises “Animals in the City” was implemented.

Under this project the Charitable Foundation "Development of Ukraine" supported initiatives to promote the guardianship of homeless animals and a responsible attitude to the homeless and domestic animals.

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Documents and Articles
10 Facts about the program of humane and effective regulation of the number of stray animals in the city of Donetsk Download
The Commission for Public Inquiries into the ill-treatment of homeless animals and pets Download
Program of effective work organization to regulate the number of stray and homeless animals in the city of Donetsk Download
The main results of the evaluation of the project "Homeless Animals" initiated by the foundation "Development of Ukraine" Download
Благодарность ETN e.V за проводимую фондом Рината Ахметова «Развитие Украины» зоозащитную работу в городе Донецке Download
Благодарность от гостей приюта Пиф Download
Благодарность за организацию и проведение в Донецке научно–практической конференции по проблемам решения проблемы бездомных животных Download
Partners of the project
Donetsk City Administration:
98 Artyoma Street, Donetsk, Tel.: 15-84
Donetsk regional administration:
34 Pushkin Boulevard, Donetsk. E-mail:
Donetsk City Charity Foundation "Piff":
16d Bekhteryova Street, Donetsk. Tel.: (050) 549-33-99, (050) 177-91-38
Director – V.I. Vsilyeva
Municipal Enterprise "Animals in the City", Donetsk:
10 Krasnooktabrskaya Street, Donetsk. Tel.: (062) 348-26-58
Director – Y.I. Grinchuk
Donetsk regional sanitary-epidemiological station:
3 Lyubavina Street, Donetsk. Tel.: (062) 381-37-08, Fax: (062) 335-89-04
Zooprotective organization "Planet of good", Donetsk
Zooprotective organization “Humanist”, Donetsk
Zooprotective organization “Protection of Animals”, Donetsk
Centre for Sustainable Development "Wind Rose", Donetsk
Media Partner of the project GolovaPR
International zooprotective organization «SOS», Kiev
Homeless animals shelter, Odessa
European Organization for the Protection of Animals and Nature «ETN», Germany
The Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Austria
Austrian zooprotective organization «Four paws»
Vienna Society for the Protection of Animals
Shelter "Na Paluchu ", Warsaw
Информационная линия программы «A street dog»:
+38 044 502 52 14
Other contact information
Использование/копирование фото и видео контента, размещенного на сайте, возможно с разрешения редакции сайта: