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Stop TB in Donetsk Region

Official emblem of the Project

Purpose of the program: to reduce morbidity and mortality from tuberculosis and a gradual decrease in the associated burden on society.

Objectives of the program:

  • Implement and ensure the availability to the public of modern effective methods of detecting and diagnosing tuberculosis.
  • Ensure availability and compliance with international and national standards for treatment of tuberculosis patients, including MDR and combined with HIV infection.
  • Improve the system of management, monitoring and evaluation of the program in order to improve its efficiency with a focus on the final result.

Financing The program will be within the costs of all the partners involved in the program and in the amounts provided for by it, an annual compilation of specific action plans (tasks) and their financing.

News by tag "Stop TB in the Donetsk region"

The results:

"The results of the "Program of overcoming the TB epidemic in the Donetsk region of 2007-2011."

The program "Overcoming the TB epidemic in the Donetsk region of 2007-2011" which was held as part of the national project "Stop TB in Ukraine", has demonstrated real opportunities of systematic and productive work.

Thanks to close cooperation between Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" Donetsk Regional Council and the Donetsk Regional State Administration, in partnership with international organizations (WHO, PATH) the following results were achieved:

  • TB mortality decreased by 42% in 2011 compared with 2006. In 2006, 1460 ill people died of tuberculosis 1460, in 2011 - 812.
  • The incidence rate decreased by 26.5%, the number of patients who got became ill with TB for the first time decreased from 4582 persons in 2006 to 3 231 in 2011.
  • Modern laboratory equipment for fast and accurate diagnosis of TB was purchased.
  • Comfortable and safe environment for patients and for work of the medical staff was created in the four specialized hospitals.
  • 1696 people (medical and non-medical staff) were trained on international and national standards for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in the Training Center on the basis of the Regional Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital.
Useful information on the project
Donetsk regional public organization of the Red Cross http://doooredcross.wordpress.com/
Press and Information Department of the Donetsk Regional State Administration http://infopress.dn.ua/
Ministry of Health of Ukraine
The official website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: the work of the Ministry and its subordinate agencies, information on upcoming events in the health sector (workshops, seminars, etc.).
Powerful information resource on health and health care
World Health Organization
News, events, fact sheets, charter WHO, WHO policy documents, resolutions and minutes of the Executive Board and the World Health Assembly.
Donetsk Regional Clinical TB Hospital
Общие сведения о туберкулезе, общие сведения о больнице, санаторное лечение
USAID in Ukraine
Internet portal, which provides information on the activities of USAID in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
Official website of the organization "Program for Appropriate Technology in Health Care"
A resource for journalists and anyone interested in the latest information on HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria
European Resource for Health (in Russian monthly issues content available)
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria
Information on the activities of the Global Fund, news, events, newsletters
Partners of the project
Main department of public health of RSA http://donoda.gov.ua
Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky http://www.dsmu.edu.ua/
State Service of Ukraine on combating HIV-infection/AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases http://www.dssz.gov.ua
Organization "Doctors without Borders” (MSF)
Donetsk regional charity "Variant"
Donetsk city public organization "Alliance" http://www.alliance.euromb.com
Donetsk city public organization "Donetsk Press Club" http://donetsk.cure.org.ua
Donetsk regional public organization "Stop TB"
Информационная линия программы «Остановим туберкулез в Донецкой области»:
+38 044 502 52 14
Other contact information
Использование/копирование фото и видео контента, размещенного на сайте fund.fdu.org.ua, возможно с разрешения редакции сайта: press@fdu.org.ua